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Formula SAe.

600+ Teams

35+ Countries

About Formula SAE

Formula SAE is an international collegiate design series designed to take students beyond the textbook or classroom by providing them with the opportunity to design, build, and compete with a real-world vehicle. Students gain many valuable skills though the program, such as creativity and innovation in problem solving, project management, team work, and practical application of engineering. Teams earn points through both "Static" off-track presentations, as well as their "Dynamic" on-track performance. This means that teams are ranked both by understanding and application of engineering principals as well as their ability to bring those concepts into the real world. 



Dynamic Events

Static Events


Acceleration (100 Points)

Skid Pad (75 Points)

Autocross (125 Points)

Efficiency (100 Points)

Endurance (275 Points)

Cost Report (100 Points)

Business Presentation ( 75 Points)

Design Presentation (150 Points)

Static Total: 325 Points

Dynamic Total: 675 Points

Total Points: 1000

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    Cost Report

Students create a detailed cost report which accounts for materials, manufacturing, and assembly of the car. This report is judged based on the accuracy and quality of the report, as well as the final vehicle cost.

Design Presentation

Students present the theory, details, and validation of their systems to a panel of industry experts. Points are awarded based on their understanding of concepts, thoroughness of part validation, and overall design quality.

Business Presentation

  Students create and deliver a meticulous business plan that addresses how the company (team) will overcome the challenges given to them in the business plan prompt. Points are awarded based on quality of presentation and thoroughness.


The Autocross event is designed to evaluate the car's performance characteristics in a one-lap sprint. Two drivers are given two attempts to put down the fastest time possible through the course.


  The endurance event tests the car's reliability in a 22 Kilometer race. Two drivers each drive an 11KM stint with a driver change in the middle. Cars cannot be modified, refueled or serviced during this event. No points are awarded if the car does not successfully complete the 22Km, and points are based off lap time rankings.


The Efficiency event derives the cars fuel economy through the endurance event by measuring how much fuel was consumed in the 22 KM. Points are given only to teams that complete endurance.


The acceleration event measures the car's ability to do just that, accelerate.

The goal of this event is to cover 75 Meters from a stand-still as quickly as possible.

Skid Pad

The Skid Pad event measures the car's maximum lateral grip in a series of constant radius turns.

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