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Achievements: First GR car to: Compete overseas, have wireless telemetry, have 2x2 textured carbon, make use of vorticity generation.

GRX9 Quick Facts:

Vehicle Wet Weight: 473 lbs

Engine: Honda CBR 600RR

Power: 81 hp @ 11,000 rpm

Torque: 41 ft-lbs @ 9,000 rpm

0-60 Mph: 3.0 Seconds

Down force: 350 lbs @ 60 mph

Lateral Holding G's: 2.0

Simulated Top Speed: 115

Chassis and Suspension

Tubular spaceframe (4130 Steel)

Carbon Composite Body

Torsional Rigidity- 2300 ft-lbs/deg

Double A-Arm

Front Pull-Rod Suspension

Rear Push-Rod Suspension

Öhlin Dampers

7075 Aluminum Upright


Engine & Drivetrain

Honda 4 Cyl. CBR600RR - 599cc (12.8:1)

Management - DIY Mega Squirt 3 & M&W CDI

Exhaust - Full Custom Equidistant 4-2-1 Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Straight Through Carbon Fiber Muffler

Drexler Adjustable Limited Slip Differential

Integrated Six-Speed Sequential Gearbox

Rapid Prototyped Intake Manifold


Electrical and Data Acquisitions

Fully Driven CAN bus 2-Piece Wiring Harness

Custom PCB designed CAN Nodes

Intrepid Control System's neoVI FIRE Data Logger

Supporting Sensors



7.0 x 13″ Continental slicks

Monoblock Braid Sturace Wheels

Custom Floating Brake Rotors

Brembo Front Brake Caliper

AP Racing Rear Brake Caliper

Carbon Composite Undertray

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